Education is an admirable process,but it need to be ammended innovatively from time to time in order to get, it in better and wise way..

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the technical skills & knowledge to become a social, responsible and successful citizen of Pakistan.

Quality education has always been a desire and the goal of any developing nation. Many efforts have been made to extinguish this thirst in every way to quench it. By the grace of Allah Almighty we accepted the challenge and started our journey by establishing You will find us different from most of the other institutions. Our admission requirements are stringent, our instructional methodology is intense, our grading system is strict and our student requirements are extensive.

  • We provide instruction, teaching and training in technical educational programmes
  • We provide all the facilities to the students which is required for best education and training of the students
  • We create center all over India to satisfy the needs of the state and for sharing knowledge
  • Our Main objective is to provide and share literacy in Pakistan
  • Literate, Skilled, and Professional Pakistan is our dream.

Why we do it?

STA prepare training plans programmes and projects in view of national and international labour market requirements and submit the same for approval of the competent forum;

We also collect and compile statistics related to vocational training and technical education; arrange regular training programme and refresher courses for instructional Staff to up-date their knowledge and skill within the country and abroad; and issue directives to establishments or institutions for compliance within the framework of the approved plans and projects

Become Our Member

To become a member of Skill Testing Institution, any other institution has to fulfill the requirements and standards as specified by the Government of Punjab Education Department.

On the behalf of Govt. of Punjab, STA will visit the departments and the education environment of the institutes. For the details of standards and get the membership form click on your desired button given below.

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